What is an erotic massage?

December 20, 2021
Masaje erótico Medellín

Sensuality and a lot of pleasure!

We could say that massages are as old as human beings, since Hippocrates himself, the famous doctor of ancient Greece, stated that “the best way to achieve good health is through a scented bath and an oily massage every day”, which we do not have the slightest disagreement with. However, there is no precise information on its origins nor when traditional massages transcended to the point of becoming the basis of eroticism and pleasure.

Most people tend to associate eroticism with sex (that sex that the world of pornography has sold us for decades in a very bad way). In this point, it is important to highlight the difference between those two words that are still taboo in our society and, although there is a very fine line between an erotic massage and a sexual encounter, we know that this same line also makes a significant difference between the two.

An erotic massage is similar to the foreplay of any sexual encounter, but we do not necessarily have to reach that desired end to enjoy all the sensations that this strong load of sensuality provokes us. We are moved by pleasure, and erotic massages have become a pleasant technique of self-knowledge, where we discover and activate the most erogenous areas of our body (areas that many times we are not able to know by ourselves). In the same way, this understanding of our body will help us to work on those fears and complexes that usually disturb us.

Each part of our body is pampered with meticulousness, turning the erotic massage into a total intimacy. Whether you practice it with your partner or you prefer to leave the subject in the hands of professionals, go ahead and explore the world of eroticism from a placid massage, where you not only benefit from physical relaxation but also from receiving arousal and sensual pleasure.

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