Between the CLIENT, of legal age, and the service provider or OASIS MASSEIN, agree to provide the EROTIC THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE service under the following terms:


1. PURPOSE OF SERVICE: OASIS MASSEIN undertakes to provide the service of EROTIC THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE, in which the therapist will provide the CLIENT with a therapeutic massage, which includes manual stimulation of the genital area (penis, anus and / or vagina) of the client.

a. It will be the choice of the client: i) the type of massage received, which must be chosen from the list offered by OASIS MASSEIN in its portfolio, ii) whether or not he/she wishes to receive genital stimulation and iii) the therapist according to the availability of the establishment.
b. The service will be limited to manual stimulation by the therapist. The service does not include kissing, oral sex, anal sex or vaginal sex with the client. Under no circumstances will the therapist offer or agree to provide these services.
c. Before starting each session, the CLIENT must take a complete shower inside the facilities of OASIS MASSEIN, will be provided with towel, soap and sandals (for exclusive use within the establishment). Likewise, the client will enjoy a comfortable foot bath with hot water and medicinal plants, a ritual that will provide relief and well-being.
d. The therapist will provide the service in underwear, thong or naked. This depends on the type of massage chosen by the client.
e. The client agrees to have a good behavior during the service, follow the indications and abide by the rules of the place.
f. The client declares that he/she is not intoxicated or under the influence of narcotic or hallucinogenic substances.
g. The client may, with prior consent of the therapist, have physical contact with the therapist, except in the genital area (vagina, anus or penis).
h. The client shall follow the biosecurity norms explained at the entrance to the commercial establishment.
i. In no case will the client’s orgasm be guaranteed.
j. The service will only be provided in the facilities of OASIS MASSEIN.
k. Any type of agreement between the therapist and the client outside of what is established in this document is prohibited.
l. The service includes penile or vaginal stimulation. The client may receive prostate stimulation for an additional fee.
m. The therapist is allowed to receive tips, the same will be subject to the client’s will.
n. In Arenha, Aqua, Pietra and Oasis Luxor Massein therapies, body to body technique is applied.


2. SCOPE AND VALUE OF SERVICE: The type of massage, duration, additional services and total value will depend on the services requested by the client. Each massage has a specific technique, duration and value.


3. CONFIDENTIALITY: The provision of the service, the consent of this agreement and any information obtained by the establishment OASIS MASSEIN and/or its collaborators will be absolutely confidential, for the tranquility, protection and enjoyment of the client.


4. PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA. OASIS MASSEIN will follow the Colombian regulations in force on the protection of personal data and will undertake to:
i. Use the information only for the purposes of this Agreement, and in accordance with the treatment that was authorized by him/her/them;
ii. Adopt security measures of a technical and organizational nature taking into account the risks inherent to the processing and the nature of the personal data in question, keep and process the information at all times under such security conditions;
iii. Limit the access of its personnel to the data, to what is strictly necessary for the execution, management and monitoring of the Contract;
iv. Collaborate actively and diligently with the other party to ensure that the owner of the information can at all times exercise their rights to consult, rectify or delete their personal data;
v. Ensure the quality of personal data based on the guidelines of: Reserve (only authorized persons by virtue of their functions, profiles or permissions expressly obtained may know the personal data); Confidentiality (no third party outside the corresponding party and its dependents, if applicable, may know the personal data, unless expressly authorized by the other party); Due Diligence (personal data must be used only for the authorized purposes, scopes and treatments and under a level of care and custody that does not generate foreseeable damage); Integrity and Conservation (personal data may not be altered and must be stored in a secure and stable manner);
vi. To be directly responsible for all personal data processed in the equipment owned by them or their delegates or representatives;
vii. Comply with the instructions and requirements given by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce with respect to the processing of personal data;
viii. Return to the client all personal data and all databases that the latter has delivered to it, both in physical and electronic media, and completely eliminate (through secure deletion techniques) from the information systems of its property, physical and electronic, all copies of the databases and personal data obtained or collected in the negotiation, conclusion, execution and liquidation of this Agreement; and
ix. Comply with the other obligations set forth in Ley 1581 of 2012, Decreto 1377 of 2013 and the rules that regulate, modify, update, or repeal them.


The CLIENT declares that he/she was informed of all the conditions and terms of the provision of the service, and as proof, accepts the present agreement.