We offer the perfect combination between a therapeutic massage, eroticism and pleasure. We activate your body, mind and soul through different therapeutic techniques in the midst of delight healthy and conscious enjoyment of your sexuality.

We are located at Calle 42 b # 63 c 45 Conquistadores neighborhood, Medellín. Easy access to parking.

We are open from Monday to Friday from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm (last appointment at 6:00 pm) and Saturdays from 11:00 am to 5 pm (last appointment at 4:00 pm). We are not open on Sundays or holidays.

The prices of the therapies range between 220,000 COP ($60 USD) and 420,000 COP ($115 USD).

The length of every session will depend on the type of therapy you choose. We have services of 60, 70 and 90 minutes.

In some therapies the masseurs are in underwear, in others semi-naked (in panties) and in Pietra and Oasis Luxor Massein therapies the masseurs are completely naked.

Of course, we have an exclusive space for the care of couples and they can enjoy any therapy in the portfolio. We love that you are encouraged to live this wonderful experience with good company.

If you are of legal age, you are welcome to Oasis Massein. Our services are directed to both men and women who wish to venture into the fascinating world of therapy and pleasure.
With the prior consent of your therapist, you can touch her body except for her entire genital area.
Each massage begins with a comfortable bath in your feet with hot water and medicinal plants, followed by the therapy you have chosen. All therapies include manual stimulation of the genital area. Remember that we do not offer sexual services or oral sex.

Yes, the scheduling must be done at least two hours in advance if it is an individual service. If it is a couple experience, the idea is to schedule it at least three days in advance.

The therapies are carried out with the application of fast-absorbing vegetable oils enriched with calendula, which act directly on the skin, improving its texture and appearance.
Yes, we have some additional services such as showers with the therapist, additional stimulation (multi-orgasmic), extra therapy time, among others.
We receive all payment methods: debit and credit cards, cash, electronic transfer to Bancolombia and Nequi.

We have a space designed and set for you to enjoy a whole sensory experience, for this reason we only provide services at our headquarters located in the Conquistadores neighborhood in the city of Medellín. Calle 42 b # 63 c 45.